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English Springer Spaniel Gifts

English Springer Spaniel -  The Spaniel was thought to be originally brought from Spain probably by Ceasar's conquering armies.

Dr. Caius in 1570 uses the term "Springers" for the land spaniels and this is probably the first  time that the actual name "Springer" was used.

After the discovery of gunpowder and the development of the gun for sporting use, there was a need for a Spaniel that could work in front of the hunter to flush out game.

In the nineteenth century the Boughey family of Shropshire developed a special strain of Spaniel through selective breeding that was to set the standard of the English Springer Spaniel that we know today.

Recognised by the Kennel Club in 1902

All about the English Springer Spaniel

  • Traditionally used for flushing and retrieving
  • Affectionate, excitable breed
  • Decended from the Norfolk or Shropshire Spaniels
  • Related closely with the Welsh Springer Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniel
  • Commonly used as sniffer dogs
  • Medium sized compact dog
  • Long coat with feathering on legs and tail
  • They do not shed all year round
  • Their coat is traditionally either black or brown with white markings
  • Friendly, eager to please, quick to learn and willing to obey
  • Need a moderate amount of exercise
  • One of the fastest of the Spaniel breeds
  • They enjoy the company of children and other pets
  • They also enjoy the water
  • Weight: 35-55lbs (16-25kg)
  • Height: 17-20in (43-51cm)

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